Bonnie Clyde® makes playful, high-quality eyewear designed for comfort and dancing.

Founder and designer Jon Yuan’s parents started a small eyewear company in Downtown LA over three decades ago— providing sunglasses for much of Santee Alley, the famed flea market of LA's Fashion District.

In 2016, while wielding shimmering swords imbued with a lifetime of sunglasses knowledge, Jon and and his brother Jeff created Bonnie Clyde® to carry on the neighborhood spirit and to bring great honor to the Yuan family name.

They take pride in their quality and the standards they hold — to be comfortable, built to last, planet-conscious, and sensibly priced.

Bonnie Clyde® is an independent team of four happily based in Downtown Los Angeles.
Family Manufacturing   We've chosen to work with a small family-owned factory in Shenzhen, where employees are paid fair living wages and our relationship spans across three decades. We make limited quantities of our sunglasses to ensure materials and energy aren’t wasted sitting on the shelf.

Cellulose Acetate   We use Premium Italian plant-based cellulose acetate, widely noted for its light-weight strength and flexibility. It has the widest range of transparency and a striking richness in color.

Nylon Lenses    Often used as a high-impact performance material — durable and scratch resistant — nylon lenses allow us to experiment freely with unique shapes and forms. Most importantly, our lenses offer 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays, as well as maximum glare reduction.

Stainless Steel Core & Hinges   Our metal of choice is stainless steel. We use it confidently for the custom core wire embedded within our acetate temples, as well as all of our metal temples and 5/7 barrel hinges. While the industry standard hinges are 3-barrel, we opted for more with 5/7-barrel hinges for even greater durability. Plus, they honestly just look way cooler.