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Lady Gaga  ·  Layer Cake in Coffee Toffee.

Lady Gaga  ·  For Eva in Butterscotch

 Kid Cudi  ·  Pico in Last Throne  ·  Billboard Mag

Kid Cudi  ·  Pico in Strange Red  ·  Billboard Mag

Peggy Gou  ·  Layer Cake in Red Velvet

Peggy Gou  ·  Figueroa in Himalayan Sugar


Whoopi Goldberg  ·  Petrichor in Last Throne  · GARAGE magazine / Vice

Anderson .Paak  ·  Pico in Last Throne  ·  CLASH Mag

Anderson .Paak  ·  Ai-Ren in Soda Poppy  ·  CLASH Mag

Offset  ·  Traction in Red Witness

Offset  ·  Traction in Red Witness

Quavo  ·  Pico in Last Throne

Bad Bunny  ·  Tempo Black / OrangeRYB  ·  Billboard Mag

Bad Bunny  ·  Show & Tell in Tangerine—Black 

Bad Bunny  ·  For Eva in Butterscotch

Winnie Harlow  ·  Layer Cake in Red Velvet

Diplo  ·  Pico in Cold Gold

H.E.R.  ·  Continuum in Deep Breath  ·  Basic Magazine

H.E.R.  ·  Olive in Violent Delight  ·  Basic Magazine

Tiffany Young  ·  Ai-Ren in Kombu Green

Miss Fame  ·  Layer Cake in Crème Brûlée

Tayla Parx ·  Layer Cake in Red Velvet

Priyanka Chopra  ·  Layer Cake in Coffee Toffee

Harper's Bazaar

Lena Waithe  ·  Uppercut in 5th Element   ·  Nylon Mag

Jorja Smith  ·  Mancuso in Last Dance 

Amanda Steele  ·  Tempo in Black-OrangeRYB   ·  Petrichor in Himalayan Gold

Business Insider

Tommy Genesis  ·  Ai-Ren in Soda Poppy  ·  Morbo Mag

Rae Sremmurd  ·   Petrichor in Himalayan Gold  ·  Tings London

Kim Petras  ·  For Eva in Butterscotch 

Lily Allen  ·  Mancuso in Disco Daddy  ·  The Telegraph Magazine

Bebe Rhexa  ·  Figueroa in Himalayan Sugar

Rich Brian  ·  Mancuso in Last Dance

Kourtney Kardashian  ·  Figueroa in Himalayan Sugar

Trey Songz  ·  Traction in Last Throne


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