Hyukoh is a Korean Indie band that writes songs mostly about the struggles of youth—which I had to Google because the extent of my Korean stops at the meat section of a KBBQ menu. Still, it’s seriously hard to resist the raw energy of their music. It’s playful, it’s sad, it’s happy, but ultimately, it’s badass. They keep these same feelings consistent on their album covers too, using dense illustrations of the strange worlds we might find ourselves in after eating a handful and a half of shrooms. Their music videos are worth sharing even without music. The video for “Wan Li” is of the band jamming in a barren desert on the back of a speeding truck a la Mad Max. I nerd out over the irreverence and nonconformity of their personal style too. They wear humongous oversized suits, mixing colors that shouldn’t make sense together, but totally do. They smash patterns together in a way that my limited vocabulary can only describe as sexy-punk-anime-psychedelic. It’s WILD. In short, Hyukoh is its own universe worthy of exploration. Now, who’s got a spaceship?