If we, at Bonnie Clyde, can convince you do to anything today, the first would be to call your people and give ’em love.

The second is to change your air filters — that sh** nasty.

The last, and possibly most important, is to clear your entire schedule tomorrow and listen to boylife’s debut album ‘Gelato’ from start to finish. Get ready to slip out of everything you’re wearing and to slip into just your hottest headphones. Believe us when we say this (we take a hard stance against being hyperbolic and overly dramatic), but GELATO IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR F***ING LIFE FOREVER — NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. EVER. 

If you didn’t already know or have been hiding out in your cute little caterpillar cocoon, it’s time to BUST OUT for some fresh air. Boylife has recently dropped two singles that you can listen to below — both songs are juicy umami-explosions of mouthwatering melodies that will linger with strange delectable flavors on your tastebuds like a chilled natural wine. Radiant church gospel harmonies collide with what can only be described as superhot space aliens making love at light-speed in the cosmos. To put it simply, they’re SOoo GOOD.

Please, we beg you. Give your ears a nice bath tonight and a little massage — tomorrow is a big day for them.