One look at @phlemuns and BOOOM. A supercharged punch of creative energy hits you in the face. Another look — POW POW. You’ve just been double-slapped with two handfuls of DIY rawness and work-with-what-you-got. One more look — MUAH. You’ve been kissed by the sweet lips of inspiration. Still with us?

James Flemons is a unicorn. Rare, boundless, and magnificently brilliant. His honesty both as an artist and as a human is beyond refreshing. It’s something so hard to find in fashion these days that some might say that they’ve stopped believing it exists. But we believe. WE BELIEVE. And if we’re all being honest now, we’re pretty sure he actually glows too.

That’s why we are so very excited to share this collaboration with Phlemuns. We are endlessly inspired by James, his work, and his team.

The Double Check PHLEMUNS x Bonnie Clyde collab combines our second-generation knowledge of eyewear construction and design with PHLEMUNS’ transcendental understanding of nostalgia and color. 

Available online in monochromatic Teal and Pink.