Asians for Black Lives Matter

Asians for BLM

Today may be the last day of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, but nothing is more top of mind for us than standing alongside our black community against the systemic racism, violence and social injustice of this nation.

To start, we are donating $1,000 to Black Lives Matter LA. It’s the most we can offer for now, but it will not be all. We promise to continue to find ways to contribute more of our resources, our time, and our voice to push change towards a new normal

In addition, next weekend from June 4th to June 6th, we will also be donating 100% of profits to the People’s City Council Freedom Fund and various foundations to help aid in the fight for equality and against police brutality. Everything on the Bonnie Clyde site will count towards this.

You can also consider signing a petition or sending in a donation to any of the organizations listed in the Google Doc HERE (courtesy of @skypewilliams).

Photo by @mattebrooks