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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bonnie Clyde® offer free returns and exchanges?

Yes! You can learn more about our return and exchange policy here.

I think my order is delayed. What happens if my order is lost in transit?

For delivery delays or lost packages, please email us at with your order number.

Do all Bonnie Clyde® sunglasses have 100% UVA/UVB Protection?

We would seriously be dishonoring our families if we sold sunglasses without 100% UV Protection. Please note that the amount of UV protection sunglasses provide is unrelated to the color and darkness of the lenses. For example, a light amber-colored lens can provide the same UV protection as a dark gray lens. Your optician can verify that the lenses you choose provide 100% UV protection.

Does Bonnie Clyde® have an optical line?

Shop from our Bonnie Blue collection for optimal blue light protection or take them to preferred optometrist or lens-replacement service.

My eyewear doesn't fit, what can I do?

Thankfully, all of our eyewear can be adjusted to fit! If your acetate or stainless steel frames are too loose, they can be adjusted by gently bending the ear tips downwards and inwards. This should make them tighter and not slide off your face. If this doesn't work, let us know and we can have you send them in to get the temples adjusted for a better fit. If they are too tight, they can be adjusted by flexing the temples outwards. This should make them loose for a more comfortable fit. If your sunglasses still do not fit after making these adjustments, feel free to reach out to so that we may adjust the frames for you or process a return/exchange.

Is there a storefront I can visit?

Our distribution warehouse is located in Downtown Los Angeles. We are currently in the process of transforming it into our first brick-and-mortar. For now, you can find our stockists here.

Frequently Asked Questions


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